Practice Your Spiritual Gifts w/Angela Wills

This group gathers each Thursday at 1pm (with the exception of the first Thursday of each month) in the Great Room in the basement of the church.  They practice all types of reading skills utilizing different tools i.e. tarot, oracle, pendulum, automatic writing, and more!  Healing skills are welcome as well!
Join them to practice, to share and to learn.  

Inner Awareness w/Reverend Dee

Inner Awareness is a beautiful meditational experience facilitated by our own Reverend Dee Peterson.  Each person is allowed to explore at individual comfort level.  This group opens anyone at any level from beginners to experienced meditators.  You do not have to attend every Friday to be part of this group.  You are welcome anytime you are called to join.  Inner Awareness does start promptly at 7pm (the doors are locked shortly afterwards) and ends around 9pm.
A "Love Offering" is taken at the beginning of the class.

FSSC Regularly Occurring Services & Events

First Thursday

On the first Thursday of each month, FSSC hosts a beautiful night of messages and healings.  We begin at 7pm with a prayer and a passing of the offering plate for donations.  Afterwards, the healing room is open for those who desire healing and will stay open as long as necessary.  Clairvoyant readings are offered in a "circle" reading tradition from the floor.  Each person who desires a reading is guaranteed a reading.  Oftentimes a person will receive more than one reading throughout the course of the evening.  First Thursday ends around 9ish but, can go as late as 10pm.

Private Readings are also offered for $1 a minute in 20 minute intervals.  Please sign up and pay for a private reading (if this is desired) when first coming into the building to attend 1st Thursday.

First Thursday is fun and introspective.  If you haven't joined us before, please do to find out what this is all about.
If you have attended in the past, we thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you again.

*All healers and readers are members of FSSC and have gone through a protocol to ensure understanding of church policy, individual rights and ethical standards.

Sunday Morning Service

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:30am and concludes at noon.  We offer healing in our healing room which opens at 10am for those who wish to enjoy a healing from one of the gifted healers in our church.  You are welcome to come in and sit quietly on the front pew (designated for those who wish  a healing) and wait for the next available healer.  If the healer that comes up in the rotation doesn't resonate with you, please feel free to wait until one is available that you would prefer.

Our service does follow a set type of protocol, but that is where any semblance of "church" ends.  Each Sunday, the message is offered by a different person offering a unique view and perspective on spirituality and metaphysics.  The topics are wide and varied.  You are encouraged to attend a few times to truly understand the scope of what is offered and what can be received through these messages.

                                                          We end our service by offering Oms for world peace while utilizing the frequency 
                                                          of our beautiful singing bowls.

                                                          After the prayers, the healing room again opens and you are asked if healing is
                                                          desired at this time to go to the front pew to wait for the next available healer.

Clairvoyant readings will be offered as well from members of FSSC who are our readers.  You will be asked permission to offer you a reading and you have the right to say "no thank you" if this isn't a good time or if you are not comfortable in this situation.

*All healers and readers are members of FSSC and have gone through

a protocol to ensure understanding of church policy, individual rights

and ethical standards.

Join us for Church every Sunday at 10:30 am, either in person or online!
‚ÄčClick HERE to join the online service.