The First Spiritual Science Church of Denver     

The Fundamental Principles have not changed. 

This is an interpretation of the meaning behind the Principles.

What do these Principles mean to you?

As the river flows, Gods love also flows through us.

Our Fundamental Principles

We believe in God.

  • We believe that God is loving, benevolent, all-powerful, all knowing and omnipresent. There are as many perceptions of God as there are people.

We believe God is in everyone and in everything.

  • Everything in both the physical and spiritual worlds are created by God. Since God is everywhere, God is within each of us and we are each a living                                                    expression of God.

We believe God is Love.

  • At the heart of our teaching is love. When we express love,                                               we express the God essence within us. We find our inspiration                                                      in all of the great Religions and Spiritual teachings of the                                                        World.

We believe we are spiritual beings in a material existence.

  • We are each a spiritual being residing in a physical body in a material existence. Our spiritual body existed before this physical life and will continue to exist after the death of our physical body. Our individual consciousness continues on in other dimensions.

We believe we create our own reality with our thoughts.

  • As children of God, we have inherited the ability to co-create with God. The power of the mind becomes the tool used to co-create a new world within us and around us. We create our own reality through the power of our mind. By changing our thoughts, we begin to change the reality of our world.  As we focus on the world around us, we become aware that all thought creates, on some level, the actions which follow are the result of our thinking.

We believe we are here in this physical world to learn and to develop our Spirituality.

  • As we continue to develop our spirituality and co-create our life with God, our understanding of our thoughts and our world expands. As we move through our journey, it is of the highest importance that we gain a thorough understanding of God’s love, which governs our physical and spiritual experiences.

We believe it is our responsibility to continue to develop and perfect our character throughout our lives.

  • It becomes our reality as we continue growing spiritually and completely unveil the God essence which is at the heart of us all. We are each responsible for our own progress on this spiritual path. The opportunity for us to grow spiritually continues in the next dimension as well as through our life here on the physical plane of existence.

We believe God has spoken to us through many teachers throughout history.

  • There have been many great teachers who have lived on                                                    earth: Jesus, Mother Mary, Abraham, Buddha, Kuan Yin,                                                           Krishna, Mohammad, Mary Magdalene, and those that we                                                            meet in everyday life, among others.  They came to serve as an                                                      example of what we all can become one day.  We are all                                                    children of God. Metaphysical and Spiritual truth can be found in an infinite number of sources throughout the world. 

We believe the Gifts of Spirit are given to us by God.

  • The spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing, miracles, communication with the spirit world, etc. described in many ancient manuscripts and texts are the material manifestations of the divine potential within us all. Since we are expressions of God, there is no limit upon what we can ultimately do. Miracles are merely natural manifestations for which we do not yet have an understanding.

We believe each of us is a cell in the body of God.

  • We are all cells in the body of God, and therefore we are all connected to one another. We all share in one universal mind. When we hurt any part of God’s creation whether it is a person or a thing, we hurt ourselves. When we help any part of Gods creations, we help ourselves.

We believe in Endless Possibilities and the Power of Faith.

  • ​When we understand that there is an infinitely wise, loving benevolent intelligence at work in our lives, then begins the endless possibilities and the power of faith. We can see this power is guiding us through all things for our highest and greatest good. When we truly know and understand that we are being taken care of, then the freedom to express the Divine love within us flourishes.