The First Spiritual Science Church of Denver     

Your soul needs time for solitude and 

self-reflection.  In order to love, heal,

and create, you must nourish

yourself first. 

(Linda Joy)

Inner Awareness

Meets every Friday, 7pm - 9pm

                                                 Inner Awareness is a beautiful meditation experience                                                               facilitated by our own Reverend Dee Peterson. Each                                                                   person is allowed to explore at individual comfort level.

                                                 Meditation is a way to engage in contemplation or                                                                     reflection; to engage in mental exercise, such as                                                                         concentration on one’s breathing or repetition or                                                                       heightened level of spiritual awareness; to focus one’s                                                               thoughts, to reflect or ponder over. (Merriam-Webster                                                            Dictionary)

When we pray, we talk to God.  When we meditate, God talks to us.

Do you have “monkey mind” and need to learn to calm your mind? Or do you just need a place with good spiritual energy in which to meditate? Then this group is for you! It is open to anyone, from those who are just beginning to meditate to those who are experienced in meditation.

This class may be just what you are looking for. You do not have to attend every Friday to be part of this group. You are welcome anytime you are called to join.

Inner Awareness does start promptly at 7pm (the doors are locked shortly afterwards) and ends around 9pm.

A "Love Offering" is taken at the end of the class