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July 28 - Rev. Aurelia Taylor

​August 8 - Shane Sale

August 11 - Kay Dragon

August 18 - Rev. Christine Hubbard

The First Spiritual Science Church of Denver     

Sunday Service

                                                                Our Sunday morning service begins at                                                                                                              10:30am and concludes at noon.  Although our service does                                                                        follow a set type of protocol, that is where any semblance of                                                                        "church" ends.  Each Sunday the message is presented by a                                                                       different church member or community guest, offering a                                                                             unique view and perspective on spirituality and metaphysics.                                                                       The topics are wide ranging and varied.  You are encouraged to attend a few times to truly understand the scope of what is offered and what can be received through these messages.  Our choir also offers music throughout the service that reflects upon the message of the day.

Our healing room opens at 10am for those who wish to enjoy a healing 

from one of the gifted healers in our church.  You are welcome to come 

in and sit quietly on the first pew (designated for those who wish to have

a healing) and wait for the next available healer.  If the healer that comes

up in the rotation doesn't resonate with you, please feel free to wait until

one is available that you would prefer.

                                                                We end our service by offering Oms, meditation and                                                                                      prayers for light and healing for universal peace, while utilizing                                                                    the frequency of our beautiful singing bowls.

                                                                After prayers, the healing room is once again opened, and                                                                            you are asked if you wish to have a healing at this time to move                                                                  to the front pew to wait for the next available healer.

Clairvoyant readings are also offered from members of First Spiritual Science Church.  You will be asked for permission by the reader to offer you a reading and you have the right to say "no thank you" if this is not a good time or if you are not comfortable in this situation.

*All healers and readers are members of FSSC and have gone through a protocol to ensure understanding of church policy, individual rights and ethical standards.

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As I walk on Eden, I walk in Grace.