Renew Your Membership 

All FSSC Members,

The time has come to renew your annual church membership. Due to the legal structure of our church, membership is renewed annually and must be paid prior to March 14, 2021. Your renewal will enable you to attend and vote at the annual Members’ Meeting on March 21, 2021.

Agenda items for the Members’ Meeting must have prior Board approval. March 7, 2021, will be the last date for the Board to approve agenda items. Only agenda items will be considered at the Members’ Meeting. Please contact Pastor Susan, or any Board member if you have items for consideration.

After the Sunday service on February 21, 2021, our FSSC Town Meeting will be held via Zoom to answer any questions or concerns from the congregation. At that meeting the nominating committee will present candidates for the 2 open Board positions. You do NOT have to be a paid member to attend Town Meetings, all are welcome.

Blessings to All,

FSSC Board of Directors

You can either pay via LightLadder:  OR

Print the letter and mail it with your $10 payment, and make sure to provide your name. NOTE: if you also enclose a donation, please pay that amount separately from the renewal check or cash. That will help our accounting. Thanks!