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Dear Friends and Beings of Light,
Thank you so much for your continued prayers  and support as I recover from the heart attack and Al recovers from the massive responsibility of taking care of me. All my tests show continued improvement so I am doing as well as can be expected. My main challenge is still the upper back and chest pain and trust that, also, is improving on daily basis. I am mobile so far as my body allows and so not concerning myself with so much correspondence on hone or computer. The food chain Sandy Blaha organized for us has been fantastic. We are feeling very blessed and wishing that for all the world! 
My niece's son's property and home and most of their small town was destoryed a few days ago in one of the fires in Washington. They lost everything including chickens and bird but got out rest of family safely.  Please send mega prayers for grace and mercy to all on the planet who are so desperately challenged with all the earth changes!
Profound peace and love, Aurelia

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We are a community of people who hold each person individually.  It is our prayer to be in a place of Love and to welcome each person who enters our doors as unique and special.

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On the 1st Thursday of each month First Spiritual Science Church hosts a beautiful evening of messages and healings.

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First Spiritual Science Church of Denver hosts a number of metaphysical/spiritual fairs throughout the year.

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​​9/27    Randi Hopkins Sunshine

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10/18  Mary Mirable

​10/25  Dorie Furman

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