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7/26      Special Healing Service
8/2        Rev. CoCo Saltzgiver
8/9        Rev. Kendara Laurel
8/16      Rev. Melinda Gillette
8/23      Rev. Christine Hubbard
8/30      Rev. Mary Mirabile

An Open Metaphysical Community.

A bit about First Spiritual Science Church

We are a community of people who hold each person individually.  It is our prayer to be in a place of Love and to welcome each person who enters our doors as unique and special.

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Rev. Dee – Is still requesting prayer support. She is weak, tired, and on medication. Says she isn’t quite herself, and her head isn’t as “clear” as it normally is. Her prayer request is for “clarity of thought” and healing for her “lower digestive system.” There will be follow up medical appointments later this week.

Rev. Aurelia – Slept well last night and was sitting up this morning. Al says that she will remain in the hospital until she is able to be more active. Atthat point they will move her to a rehab facility. In the meantime, they are doing therapy to build her endurance. These things just take patience and time. He can’t wait until she can come “HOME!”

Both our Ladies are sending LOVE to all!

Blessings, Pastor Susan (8.4.2020)

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On the 1st Thursday of each month First Spiritual Science Church hosts a beautiful evening of messages and healings.

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